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Welcome to the website

Our services are aimed at the small business and home computer users at affordable prices!

For all your computer nightmares and repairs
internet connections-email-viruses-software problems

Small business solutions - all you need - free initial consultation

We offer a first class, professional, personal service and always put our clients first!

Free call-out in our area of operation (see Area Map)
Data recovery is nationwide, send your media by mail.

Computer Repairs

Computer repairs from 30 + Parts

Mobile Service We come to you! Many repairs can be done on site or if the repair will take some time we take it back to our workshop and deliver back to you in full working order.

Website Design

Free initial consultation

We can produce a simple web site for you, especially aimed at small businesses to help get them on the web, without costing hundreds of pounds. This site is an example of a simple web site, this one is mainly text based but you can have pictures on too! Something like this would cost from as little as 150. You don't even have to have a connection to the Internet!

Virus Removal

With more and more computer viruses being sent by email or directly through an open port every day, it is only a matter of time before your computer gets infected. This is a real threat to your valuable data and also to any backups you have made because they may also contain the virus. Here at AMS2U we can remove most viruses for 20 and supply and install internet security software to give you future protection for around 50. It is very important that internet security software is installed on a virus free hard disk, so give us a call, it could save your data and your business!

Internet Connections - email - small networks

We can set up your internet connections whether it is dial up, cable or broadband. Further enhancements such as wireless routers so you can connect to the internet from other computers around your home or office. Home & office networks to connect all your computers together, either by cable or wireless. Extend your wireless network range, we fit range extender so that you can enjoy your wireless network all around your home or garden.

See the area map to see our area of operation. Data recovery & website design is covered nationally.

Area Map

Area Map - click the map to see a larger version

Data Recovery

When your computer will not start up or you keep losing data because the hard drive is faulty, we can quickly get you going again. We can not only retrieve your data from the old hard drive, we can, if required install a new hard drive with all your data and settings back as before.

There are two main types of hard drive failure;

A) logical failure, this is when the disk has been damaged by a virus, accidental formatting etc. This type of failure is nearly always recoverable providing we can start the recovery before anyone else attempts a repair. So don't delay give us a call, advice is free.

B) Mechanical failure, this is when the actual moving parts or electric circuits of the hard drive are broken. This type of failure is more difficult to recover from, but it can be done in many cases. It is very important that if you hear funny grinding noises coming from your hard drive that you turn off your computer and contact us immediately for advice because we can retrieve your data before the disk fails completely. But even if it has completely stopped running we may still be able to get it going again. Give us a call, advice is free.

We also retrieve data from:

CDs and floppy disks including the old 5.25" floppies.

Flash/Pen Drives

MP3 Players


Camera cards (all types)




Any manufacturer, any type and any size digital camera media.

Up to 700MB of Photographs for 25.00

STUDENTS - Special low price to retrieve your course work - from 75.00

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